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Mudrochov water mill

Dechtice village is located in the northwestern part of Western Slovakia, the slope of the Little Carpathian Mountains on the road no. 502 between Smolenice 502 and Trnava. Homestead Mudrochov water mill is plotted on the 2nd military mapping made in 1st half of 19th century as Neuvirtov mill before. In the 18th century works 4 mills in the Dechtice village. Christopher Erdody builds the Franciscan Monastery of St. Catherine. The proximity of a Romanesque church with a cemetery in the past may indicate the function of the mill was pastorate building before. The technical equipment of the mill kept completely 3 milling system from 1935 by Procopius in Pardubice and the water race-way. The subject-matter of holding Mudrochov water mill (formerly Neuvirtov) is the complex of buildings (natural range), which consists of a living quarters, farm building, apiary (bee-house) and arable land. Mill, farm building, apiary are authentically preserved building complex that has accompanied its existence from 18th, respectively early 19th century with the adjustment to modern water mill in 1934, when it changed the water driven turbines using. In addition to grinding grain into flour repaired the cylinder grinding sets not only for its own mill, but other mills in the surrounding area, too. Conversion of the mill Mudrochov to attractive point in the Trnava region gives the application adds cultural - social importance and historical interest of the mill works with the development of rural tourism for all.